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Picking your own gear is tough, not to mention daily trips to the fly shop to make sure you’re loaded up for your next trip. Through the magic of the internet you can get hand selected flies, and the perfect gear for your angling adventure sent right to your door. If you’re not sure where to get started you’ve come to the right spot.

Trout Supply Drop

Our fly fishing guides have taken the guesswork out of picking flies and make sure you will have the right tools at the right time every month to catch most sought-after species on the fly.

Warm Water Supply Drop

Warm-water species are extremely fun to pursue and with our fly subscriptions we will make will provide the knowledge and flies make sure you have the right tools to catch more fish.

Saltwater Supply Drop

From acrobatic tarpon to speedy bonefish, this box has you covered for the DIY saltwater angler. In the Saltwater Supply Drop, you can expect to find flies that cater to both sides of the Americas.

Fly Tying Supply Drop

Take the next step into fly fishing with our Fly Tying Supply Drop. Each month we send you enough material to tie 16-24 flies of a selected pattern. Each box contains a step by step card on how to tie the fly.
For Every Skill Level

Whether you’re just learning how to cast or you’re peeling off 50 yards of fly line on every backcast we’ve got the gear to fuel your next adventure.

Hand-Picked Flies Every Month

Stop sweating if you have the right bugs to match the hatch — We’ve got you covered with our fly fishing box. Our team of experts will pick the latest hot patterns to help you land the fish of a lifetime.

Never Run Out of Top-Shelf Gear

Nothing’s worse than hiking 3 miles to your favorite spot only to realize you’re out of leaders. STOP RUNNING OUT OF GEAR. With one of our supply crates you just need to remember to put it in your fly box. (We can’t help you with that.)

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