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The largest educational subscription fly box that teaches you the art of fly fishing.

When it comes to what the fish are eating, guides know what works best. Thats why our flies are selected by guides from all across the United States to match what the fish are eating for that month. We even provide the information on how to fish those flies. The best part? 24 premium quality flies each month. *


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Trout Fly Subscription Box

Trout are one of the most sought after species on the the fly. After all most North American cold water fisheries are capable of holding trout. Subscribe to receive 24 guide selected flies each month directly to your doorstep.

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Warm Water Subscription Box

Trout aren't the only thing you can catch on the fly. Bass, Panfish, and Carp are popular options too! In this box, we send you everything you'll need to chase after the fish that bring a whole new element to your fly fishing game.

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* 24 flies limited to Trout Subscription only.

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