DrinkTanks: Take your micro brew To-Go

by Brandon Miller on October 18, 2018

If stereotypes have any truth to them, then I know fly fishermen and beer go together like peas and carrots. This is why I want to tell you about one of my new favorite pieces of gear I use to tote my favorite craft brew to the river.

DrinkTanks makes one bad a** piece of gear. Currently I have the 64oz growler version but plan on expanding that to their 128oz version very soon. Each tank is insulated ensuring that your beer stays frosty cold for over 24 hours. So when your favorite micro brew doesn’t distribute, then fill ‘er up on the way to camp. The way the lid locks on to the top with the dual clamp system prevents any leaks and I mean ANY leaks.  


Which brings me to my next point. If you spend the extra few pennies, you can get their Keg Cap kit. I mean sure you could just take the lid off of your Drink Tank, but why not get the complete experience. What makes the Keg Cap so cool, is you get a little CO2 injector that allows you to add CO2 to the empty space in your tank. Not only does this keep your beer from going flat, but it also pressurizes the tank allowing you to utilize the pour spout. Not to mention it adds a level of panache that you just can’t get with other drink management systems. One point that I would like to make, is MAKE SURE YOU POUR YOURSELF AT LEAST 1 BEER BEFORE YOU USE THE CO2 INJECTOR. I never thought I would ever have to write this but failure to do so will result in explaining to your family why you have to clean beer off the ceiling.


Now I’m sure I will catch some flak from avid backpackers for saying this but I’ve even been known to shove a full drink tank in my pack on backpacking trips. The experience of having a cold beer after a long trek is so rewarding. That and I don’t have to wait for my beer to get cold when I put it in the river or lake I’m camping by. The reason I say I will most likely hear from the avid backpackers, is that this tank when filled to the brim is not light at all. I mean it’s a metal growlers worth of beer. Who thought it would be light? Admittedly, I didn’t actually weigh it but I would have to guess a full Drink Tank weights about 7 lbs. In a sport where the motto is if you don’t sweat the ounces you’ll cry about the pounds, I can’t imagine a growler fits in that category.


One downside though I will say is you have to be vigilant in your mission to keep track of the CO2 injector. It would easily get thrown out with an empty CO2 cartridge or lost since it’s so small. My suggestion, a little leash for it would be a killer addition. As a photographer, I have plenty of lens cap leashes lying around. If I can figure out a way to attach one I could be off to the races. Other than that though, I’m hard pressed to find any points of critique about this product. It’s just that well built.

Next time you’re on the river, headed up to the mountains, or even backpacking, then consider the Drink Tank. It is worth every shiny penny.