From Bass to Bluewater: Redington Predator & Grande Reel

by TrueFly Supply on May 23, 2019

By now you guys are well aware that I love a good rod that can hunt in both the freshwater as well as the salt. This rod was built for just that. Perhaps my favorite part is that this rod and reel combination will take your from fishing your home waters to fishing smaller saltwater species all without breaking the bank. Here I have opted for the 8wt since most of the water I spend time on around here are stuffed full of Bass, Gar, and Carp, with the occasional catfish from time to time. 

Redington Predator Grande ReelBoth Rod and Reel have a price tag of $299.99 so for around $700 you have a fantastic setup capable for just about any predator fishing situation. After all the rod is aptly named for just the occasion. It's certainly not the cheapest salt water setup on the market, but it casts well and won't let you down come showtime. If you are looking for the cheapest setup. Look at the Redingtion Path combo. Yes I have caught Tarpon on that rod. Just be sure to wash in between uses. I would like to think by now though that I have upgraded from a casual salt angler so my needs are a bit more robust. 

When sampling this rod the other day with a few friends of mine, I actually hooked into a pretty sizable carp which allowed me to take this rod and put the cork to the fish. The rod handled well even when the fish darted under the boat and I had to take a quick run around the boat to get the rod on the other side. Lately I have been a big fan of over lining rods and this rod is no exception. As a fast action rod, casting heavy sinking lines and shooting heads has been a breeze if not enjoyable. 

No rod is complete without a reel though and again I find myself coming back to the Redington Grande. What can I say its just a fantastic all around reel. Sporting 30lbs of bonefish stopping torque, what more could you ask for? I know exactly what, but to understand that let me fill you in on a fishing blunder I had not too long ago. While fishing for Tarpon down in Islamorada FL, at night mind you, I hooked into a fairly sizable fish. I wasn't fishing my own gear and when I needed to make a drag adjustment during the fight, I found myself slipping on the tiny drag adjustment knob on the reel I was using. With the Redington Grande, I don't ever see this being an issue. This reel sports a large extended and knurled drag adjustment knob that makes quick adjustments a breeze. 

Overall I would say that I am really excited for this setup and look forward to taking it back down to Florida with me here next week. I'm going to be fishing some mangroves to chase baby tarpon and even trying to make a quick trip to Miami for some peacock bass. Here's to hoping that the Predator continues to live up to the name. 

Redington Predator & Grande Reel