Loon Outdoors fly tying tool kit: ergonomics and performance on a budget.

by TrueFly Supply on April 29, 2019

I know you've seen me tie with these tools on the live videos for a few weeks now and its high time that I gave you my opinion on these (new to me) tools. If you're like me and you've clamored over the Tiemco fly tying tools, which lets face it, to some these are the Rolls Royce of fly tying tools, but if you have the Toyota budget then this tying kit is perfectly suited to you.

In fact let's start there at the price point. Especially since that is one of the first things people look at when purchasing new goods.  Coming in at a mere $90 the value you receive more than justifies that price. The aforementioned company's bobbin costs $75 alone! That aside, what exactly are you getting for your 90 bones? 1 bobbin, 2 scissors, 1 gator clip, 1 dubbing twisting tool, 1 dubbing brush, 1 whip finisher, and 1 bodkin. All sporting their Ergo handles. It even comes in a nice travel case as well. Which is nice for those destination fishing trips where you bring tying materials with you. 

Loon Outdoors Fly Tying Tool Kit

I want to take a second here though to talk a bit on the ergo handles. I think the handles are a nice touch and give the tools a unique feel about them that is vastly different from others on the market. They even have a nice robust weight about them that adds to the tying experience. The one caveat to the Ergo handles, is they have a hard time sitting in conventional caddies. This might be a minor thing for tying hobbyists, but personally for me its a bit obnoxious.

Now I also recognize that I might be a bit obsessive about my work space when tying. It drives me insane when I have random tools and materials scattered across my tying bench, so when a tool doesn't fit neatly into a peg or holder that is easily accessible, it more often than not gets put away in a box out of sight until absolutely needed. Perhaps the biggest offender of this blight is the whip finisher and the screw attachment for the alligator clip and the dubbing spinner. With all of that in mind, you will have to make that determination for yourself as to whether or not that's enough to deter you from purchasing this fine toolkit. 

Loon Tool Kit

That honestly is my one bit of critique for this kit. Everything else is top notch for the price point. The scissors came razor sharp. The bobbin is a very nice polished steel that doesn't cut or bind up when in use. And the whip finisher is smooth to operate and balanced nicely. One thing that I would like to see from Loon in the future is a more prosumer kit that includes portions of their UV line up or maybe some of their dubbing waxes and definitely more than 1 alligator clip. 

Overall I am pleased with the tools and will continue to use them in tying as well as future live tying sessions. Who knows maybe the ergo grip will grow on me even more, dare I say, even enough to overcome the annoyance that I can't put my whip finisher in the tool slot on my tying bench. 

Loon Outdoors Fly Tying Kit