Sno Cat Cozy: The Neck warmer that saved my life.

by TrueFly Supply on March 28, 2019

Okay so I overreacted. Winter is frigid. I know “water is wet” right? But no. THIS winter was extra frigid it felt like. So naturally when I found out about Sno Cat Cozy a few weeks ago, I had to try one out. Neck warmers are the super powered buff in my opinion especially when you find one as over built as these are. But how did it save my life you might be asking? We’ll in order for you to know where I am coming from when telling you this story, I need to give you the backstory albeit at my own expense here.

Sno Cat Cozy

As a 20 something homeowner, I am excited to renovate, add, and improve my living conditions. Like many fly anglers alike, I am an avid outdoorsman and what does every outdoorsman need in their backyard? That’s right, a firepit. Similarly… as a 20 something I also am a bit “budget minded” when it comes to all of my projects. After scouring Facebook marketplaces for a few hours, I found some awesome redbrick that I thought I could build my new firepit out of. Well no one in my life has ever told me that I needed to use a special kind of brick for fire. In every movie, home, and hearth I have ever seen, fireplaces were made out of brick so logically brick should be fine for a firepit right? WRONG.

What I didn’t know is that if you use normal brick, any moisture trapped inside the brick could rapidly expand and turn your fancy new brick firepit into a makeshift claymore mine. Seriously I am not kidding. After my first fire got nice and hot, bricks started exploding. Small molten bits of masonry shrapnel were sent flying any which way through the air narrowly missing my face by either mere centimeters or landing directly on my nose.  The one place they never landed though? My neck. Thanks Sno Cat Cozy!

Sno Cat Cozy

After the miniature backyard warfare had finally subsided, I headed inside to wallow in my pity at my defeat in regards to my masonry expertise. I took off my neck warmer and saw where large bits of scalding hot brick had got caught into the neck protector instead of getting seared directly into my neck. I’d later decide to chalk that up as a small win for the day.

Other than its protective qualities, these neck warmers have a lot of good qualities about them. First and foremost, they are swanky as swanky can be. For anyone that knows me, know that (read this next part in Goldmember’s voice) “I LOVE GOOOOOOOLD.” So as you can see in all the photos up to this point, I chose to rock the gold Money Maker. Nothing quite has the same level of panache. If the shine isn’t enough to keep you warm on the coldest days, well its got the warmest liner known to man.

The interior of the neck warmer is lined with the worlds softest chinchilla liner. Since I can’t really hold it up and let you feel it across the virtual world of the internet, I will try to describe it to you the best way I know how, through the use of analogies. Close your eyes and imagine you are floating through the fluffiest cloud painted by Bob Ross, while simultaneously lying naked on a bear skin rug in front of a warm and cozy fire in a mountainside cabin in the middle of a calm winter night. Yeah…. Its that soft. Like I said, they’re essentially a super powered buff.

Sno Cat Cozy

Look if that’s still not enough to convince you that Sno Cat Cozy neck warmers are the best thing since disco, then allow me to tell you about their dedication to contributing to the non profit of their choice.  Cycling through a list of different kitten rescues based on current needs, Sno Cat Cozy donates a portion of all of their proceeds to making the lives of our furry little friends lives that much better. Pictured below is my cat (Mr. Sterling Jones) snuggling up in a pile of my favorite neck warmers.

If that’s STILL not enough to get you to make the move on the greatest neck accessory to ever dawn your collar, then just know each and every Cozy is hand made with love here in the USA. Truckee, California to be exact, by a fellow fly angler. All in all, Sno Cat Cozy gets the TrueFly Supply stamped seal of approval. Check them out here.