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Gear Reviews

Lifesaver Liberty Water Filter

Water. It's the most important resource to us as fly fishers and human beings. It provides the habitat for the fish we seek, and we need it for our bodies to function properly as well. Have you ever run out of drinking water while on a fishing trip? Perhaps the hike in was a bit more strenuous than you had thought or you didn't bring enough water with you for you or your group. We are standing in the river but that water is rarely ever safe to drink without being filtered. I wanted a small water filter that I would be able to carry with me, and that would be able to filter enough water for myself and whoever I was with, family or fishing buddies. I chose the Liberty Lifesaver for a couple of reasons: its built into a water bottle you can use to drink from if you don't have another bottle and also the long filter life. Here is my review with both the pros and cons and my experience using the Lifesaver water filter. Let's first take a look at the unit: on one end it has a cover and a typical water bottle mouthpiece underneath. The other end has a cap that comes off with a pump handle attached. The operation is simple and it can be used in two modes, water bottle mode or pump mode. The first way I tried was water bottle mode. You want to make sure the cap is on tight on the mouthpiece side so the end you will be drinking from doesn't get contaminated. Open the other end and dunk the body of the filter and let it fill with water, then replace the lid with the pump built in, ti...