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Gear Reviews

Zippo Hand Warmer

I get a lot of outdoor related gifts from my friends and family because they know I’m obsessed with enjoying the outdoors any way that I can, no matter how cold it is! For Christmas this year I received a pretty cool package from my brother that included two Zippo hand warmers, fuel, and a capsule to carry extra fuel. I was pretty excited because I have seen them and a couple of my brothers have them. I was always curious about how they work since it runs on fuel and you put them in your pocket. I wanted to know if they were worth the hassle. Now I’ve been  fortunate to get my hands on a pair! I’ve used the disposable hand warmers before and they were really cool, but  they seemed a little wasteful and I could never remember them. So now that I have a pair of these refillable and sleek looking hand warmers I’m going to put them through the test. My first test was of course skiing since I live in Colorado and am fortunate to be 45 min away from Telluride. I’ll get back to this story in a minute because I want to run through a quick pros and cons list and then dive into my experience.   Pros: More environmentally friendly than disposable options. They are surprisingly thin and fit well in any pocket. The Bag helps to keep it insulated and warm. They last for at least 10 to 12 hours if they are properly built. If they need rebuilt there are tons of YouTube videos and better materials you can get. Inexpensive. These run about $15 for the big 12 hour model and fuel ...