Ty-rite, The Pen is mightier than... lost flies?

by Brandon Miller on September 19, 2018

Almost everyone I have fished with has at one point struggled to tie a fly on, it’s not an age thing or being able to see well thing, it’s just a thing that happens to everyone at some point. Even I sometimes struggle to tie on small flies it could be the size of the hook like a 20 or smaller or the wind and lack of finger dexterity due to cold weather whatever the case is, it happens to us all. Well we got a product in our hands that seems to have the solution to this problem, and it’s called the Ty-rite. The Ty-rite is a great little tool that hangs on a lanyard or pack or will clip on a shirt pocket. 

This little device is a small spring-operated assistant for holding and tying on small flies. Well, any shape and size flies really. The Ty-rite at first looks like a stubby a ballpoint pen. But looks are deceiving this is nothing like a ballpoint pen. Instead of hosting ink at its end it has a little hook that extends when the button on the other end is depressed. This hook on the Ty-rite goes around the bend of the hook on your fly and holds it tightly against the tool so you can tie it on the line without struggling. I found it easy to use, and when tying the clinch knot, it was very easy to spin the Ty-Rite 4-5 times and then slip the tag end through the loop to tighten the knot. 


  • Small and light, easy to store and access
  • Made in the USA
  • Seems like it will last
  • Solves a problem for everyone, but especially our more seasoned fishing buddies.


  • Looks like a ball point pen
  • Might be easy to lose if you don’t have it secured

It’s found a place in my bag, and I will have less dropped flies, hooked fingers and less frustration.