What comes in a TrueFly Trout Supply Drop?

If you've ever wondered what comes in out subscription fly box, there wonder no more! I've made a video so you can take a look at what your next subscription box from us will look like. On top of getting 24 premium quality flies with your subscription fly box, you will also get bonus items, candy, leaders, line cleaner and so much more. We even go as far as to include a Fly Trap Fly Holder XLT edition in your very first box. But don't just take my word for it, watch this video on what a premium subscription fly box like ours will get you. 

TrueFly Supply Announces Partnership with Fly Trap Fly Holder

TrueFly Supply members get a great new product Golden, CO: TrueFly Supply and Fly Trap Fly Holder have partnered up to give TrueFly Supply members a Pro Series XLT Fly Trap Fly Holder upon joining the monthly Supply Drop Subscription.  3 times per year after their initial Fly Trap they will get refill cylinders, giving them options on the water.  Fly Trap Fly Holder has created a unique and useful product for fly fishing enthusiasts that is better to hold and carry flies compared to conventional fly patches. The versatility of the Fly Trap Pro Series is something we are very excited to get in the hands of TrueFly Supply members.  Dan Edwards, one of the creators of TrueFly Supply said, “We are always looking for exciting products that provide a benefit to our members, and I believe the Fly Trap Fly Holder will bring excitement and utility to our monthly boxes”.  New members will get a Fly Trap Fly Holder shipped to them in their first box. This is an exciting partnership and is our first step at taking a look at what is currently available in fly fishing subscription boxes and challenging ourselves to provide a better box.  This new partnership between TrueFly Supply and Fly Trap Fly Holder is going to put this up and coming device in the hands of more fishermen, showing that challenging the old school thought of fly fishing will benefit us all. New gear and gadgets will make fishing more fun and easily managed. The new benefits of TrueFly Supply members will now be:   2...

TrueFly Supply upgrades Trout Supply Drop to 24 premium quality flies each month.

Golden Colorado August 28th 2018- In an effort to help new anglers keep fishing all month long, TrueFly Supply will now offer 24 premium quality flies along with our education cards, leader, and bonus item in each subscription box. This brings the price per fly to less than $1 per fly without losing the quality you've come to expect from TrueFly Supply.Along with their subscription, members also receive benefits such as; Premium Quality Flies Seasonal selections Delivered Monthly No long-term commitments No hidden fees Free Shipping 20% OFF AT OUR SUPPLY SHOP $1 from every subscription donated to conservation.  About TrueFly Supply TrueFly Supply is an educational subscription fly box and fly shop all in one. Our mission is to bring new anglers to the sport by teaching them along the way on, how to go from never touched a fly rod and reel, to catching fish all on their own. We do this by providing flies and education on how to fish those flies in each monthly box. Each month we reach out to our network of fishing guides to determine what flies are most effective to go out in the next subscription. We even include new leader each month to ensure that each member has the necessities each month to hit the water.   Don't take our word for it.  "Things I like about my subscriptions are! 1. Quality flies 2. I pay less then $1 a fly. 3. Sturdy well written handout that I stash in my pack to reference how to fish each fly. 4. A leader every month that is a size I use consistentl...