Fly Selection! My Struggle and Solution!

by Ed Weston on October 14, 2017

Sixteen years ago I picked up my first trout fly rod and tried to cast it.  I was terrible!  However, I was recently engaged and my future wife's Grandpa was an amazing fisherman and we happened to get along fantastically.  He was more than happy to give me some tips.  He was 74 years old and had almost 7 decades of experience to share with me.  I also met a friend at work who was willing to take me out and teach me a few things as well.  I was lucky to have such experienced people I felt comfortable talking to and who were extremely happy to teach me.  However, I knew nothing about flies, their names, what they were supposed to represent or the life cycle of aquatic insects (which turns out can be useful in fly fishing).  They answered my questions and gave me a lot of information.  Here's a story that beginners and even expert fisherman can probably relate to or has even had happen at some point:

I was a new fisherman and had a fly rod and even though I was incredibly lucky to have great people share so much knowledge with me I was still very intimidated at the fly counter.  I would see a few patterns I had heard in my conversations with my Grandpa and friend but many were acronyms which made no sense to me.  The guys in the fly shop were sometimes helpful and rarely I would find someone who had patience for my questions. But many times these guys made me feel like an idiot and sometimes the suggestions they were giving me felt more like they were getting rid of inventory that had been sitting around a while and not because they actually wanted to help me catch fish. 

Fast forward a few years and now I have flies I'm excited to get to the river to use. My casts are improving but I'm still not 100% sure about what flies I should use, or how to fish the fly when I do tie one on.  I spent a lot of time purely with trial and error not caring about an aquatic insects’ life cycle.  I had no clue about what a hatch meant, but thought that the idea of one sounded cool.  I didn't know what insects were on the rivers I fished or that sometimes during the year you can find different insects and in different sizes.  I had about 5 patterns in different sizes that worked somewhat consistently for me.   I knew I needed to expand and eventually did, but it took me a long time to learn what I know today.

TrueFly Supply was an idea of two guys who have been fishing buddies for 16 years.  My friend at work who I started fishing with 16 years ago wanted to help people like I was when we met.  We were thinking of beginning fly fisherman standing at a fly counter in a fly shop looking at the overwhelming selection of patterns, and seemingly endless variations of size and color.  Most beginners, if they are lucky, have heard of the word entomology, but have little to no clue of a bugs’ life cycle and especially the complex life cycle of aquatic insects.  This is who we had in mind when we started to develop the goals of TrueFly Supply

We knew we wanted to help beginners have the right flies that would catch fish, but we didn't just want to sell flies like those intimidating fly shop guys.  We wanted to provide something else as well, knowledge.  Knowledge is key to everything.  We want to help answer those questions about life cycles of bugs, and how to fish the flies we sell.  We want to shorten the learning curve and add some confidence to every fisherman we can to make sure you keep catching fish. 

TrueFly Supply has worked with our guides to find patterns every month that they would use if they were out guiding.  We will only use patterns that our guides would use and patterns that we know will catch fish.  Along with each months fly selections, you will also receive an info card written by our guides with instructions on fishing each fly as well as information on what type of insect each fly represents and how that pattern fits in the bugs life cycle.

TrueFly Supply is fantastic for beginners, but also great for you experienced fisherman as well.  The flies are premium quality and at an amazing price.  We sell flies that every fisherman should have in their box, and there is always more to learn!