Fly Selection! Who, What, When, Why, Where!

Why? Great question, right? The question of "why" can be applied to SO many aspects of fly selection.  There are tons of different fly patterns out there, and why you select the flies you do can be narrowed using a few easy tips.

Tip #1

Pick Flies for how you plan to fish.  Are you heading out to cast dry flies, maybe you want to work on getting the best drift possible with your "Euro" nymphing set up, or are you just simple going out to catch fish?

Now that you know what type of fishing you plan to do, why are you going to pick a certain fly?

Tip #2

Look for hatches, look for feeding patterns.  Again, we are pounding home the need to take some time and observe what's happening

Tip #3

Run a river seine.  This kinda ties into Tip #2, but running a river seine is such a useful tool, and one that should be in every anglers arsenal.  Not only is this an extremely simple tool to use and make yourself, it's a much more ethical way to see what a fish is eating when you compare to other options, like a stomach pump...which I personally hate.


Using these simple tips in combination with our other Fly Selection blogs, you should have a good idea of the who, what, when, and why of fly selection.  Stay tuned as we wrap up our Fly Selection segment and bring it all together.