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Weekly Piscatorial

Lake Evelyn: High Alpine Cutthroat

I would say the majority of my fly fishing career has been in a river setting. I’ve fished some lakes with streamers and other methods but I have never had a fly rod with me while at an alpine lake until now.  This was an adventure from the moment I picked up Brandon in South metro Denver and we started on our way up the I-70 corridor to the middle of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The day started early when my daughter, Kenzie, and I picked up Brandon at the crack of dawn.  Well, maybe a few hours later than that but we headed up I-70 early. Neither Brandon nor I live in Denver any longer so we didn’t have the luxury of our pantries and kitchens to make lunches or grab snacks so we decided to stop somewhere along the way for such necessities.  The trip up was relatively uneventful and somehow Kenzie talked us in to letting her play DJ and the ride thereafter was narrated by Taylor Swift.  We stopped at a gas station in Silverthorne, CO for gas, snacks, and water. While filling up we watched a local police officer have to break into someone’s car who locked their keys in it! And then after being completely distracted we went into the store quickly, paid for gas and this cool boxed water we found, and headed up to the Lake Evelyn trailhead.  About the time we got to Henderson Mill, which by the way is the largest molybdenum mine in North America, we realized we could use a little snack.  We then further realized that the only thing we got at the gas station was our boxed wa...