Fly Tying Kit - Bunny Leech
Fly Tying Kit - Bunny Leech

Fly Tying Kit - Bunny Leech

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Pattern: The Bunny Leech

Leeches have earned their place in an anglers fly box as a choice fly for many different species. The Coneheaded Bunny Leech has many different attributes that work well for streamers. The lead in the body paired with the cone head makes the fly sink quickly without any added weight. The Rabbit Zonker Strips also provide tons of movement when in the water which entices hungry fish to strike. 

Included in the box:

  • Fly Tying Instructional Card
  • Premium Fly Tying Materials
  • Sticker
  • **Bonus Mystery Tool**

 Materials List:

  • Nymph/Streamer Hook 3x long Size 6
  • 3/16 Gold Conehead
  • Thread 3/0 black
  • Rabbit Zonker Strips
  • Rainbow Flash
  • Crosscut Rabbit Zonker Strips


 As an added bonus, check our youtube channel for instructional tying videos