Our Fly Collections are meant to be an easy and super effective way to have the flies you need for any situation.  Fly Anglers are really amateur entomologists, at least the most successful of them are.  We have collections based on the life cycle of certain aquatic insects found in North American waterways, such as may flies, midges, and caddis.  We also have collections based off themes for different fishing styles like our Bad A** Boat box which is loaded with bad a** streamer patterns, or our Euro Nymph collection for Euro Nymphing. 

We have even put together species specific collections for chasing game fish in the salt.  Whatever your chasing and wherever you chase it we have what you need to get you outfitted for your next adventure to make sure you have more success on the water.

Fly Collections (6)

Mayfly Lifecycle Collection


Euro Nymph Collection


Caddis Lifecycle Collection


Terrestrial Collection


Midge Lifecycle Collection


Stonefly Lifecycle Collection

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