Saltwater Supply Drop


From acrobatic tarpon to speedy bonefish, this box has you covered for the DIY saltwater angler. In the Saltwater Supply Drop, you can expect to find flies that cater to both sides of the Americas. If you've always wanted to get into saltwater fishing then this this is the box for you. If you're already a seasoned salty angler, then this is an opportunity to get your game fish snacks at a discount.

A different view on Monthly Fly Boxes

We know a lot about flies but what we don’t know is what you want in your unique box. That’s why we have decided to put the power into our members’ hands! You get to customize your mix of awesomeness every month. We will always ship the same premium quality flies and supplies- we just want you to have a say in what YOU get every month. We also believe in giving back to companies that do good for our sport and promote sustainability and responsibility, so in honor of that we send $1 from every membership to outdoor related non-profits who strive to keep our outdoors awesome!


  • Premium Quality Flies
  • Seasonal selections
  • Delivered Monthly or Bi-Monthly you choose
  • No long-term commitments
  • Free Shipping
  • Total box value of $65 and upwards each month
  • 20% OFF at our Supply Shop
  • Earn FREE boxes by referring friends

Happy Anglers

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TrueFly Supply Drop Postfly Pro TrueFly Supply Drop Postfly Guide Box Flycrate Smitty's Fly Box
Monthly price $24 $19.99 $45 $39.95 $24 $20
Number of flies included. 24 10 24 20 12 12
Number of fly patterns. 6 8 6 8 4 Unknown
Customizable Box. Yes No Not Yet No No No
Expected fly quality. Best Better Best Good Good Good
Decals included. Yes Yes Yes Yes Maybe Unknown
Bonus Gear. Yes Yes Yes Yes No Unknown
Member Discount in online store. 20% 10% 20% 10% No Store 0%
Education and Information in each shipment. Best Better Best Better Good Fair
Free Shipping to Continental United States. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Total Value in each box. $65 $25 $85 $65 Unstated Unstated