Build Your Own Warm Water Supply Drop


The TrueFly Supply Build Your Own Warm Water Supply Drop is a variant of our original Warm Water Supply Drop. In this box you can pick and choose the fly fishing essentials in your box. Spend your credits however you want with the ability to pick multiples of each item. That means you can get up to 20 Warm Water flies in each shipment!
Box Includes:
  • 5 Credits to spend on Fly Fishing Essentials
  • Monthly Mystery Item
  • Educational Card
  • Candy!!!
Choices Include:
  • Trout Flies
  • Warm Water Flies
  • Flotant
  • Strike Indicators
  • and MORE!!!


  • Premium Quality Flies
  • Seasonal selections
  • Delivered Monthly
  • No long-term commitments
  • Free Shipping
  • Total box value of $65 and upwards each month
  • 20% OFF at our Supply Shop
  • Earn FREE boxes by referring friends

Happy Anglers

Compare Warm Water Memberships

TrueFly Supply Drop Postfly Pro TrueFly Supply Drop Postfly Guide Box Flycrate Smitty's Fly Box
Monthly price $29 $25 $49 $49 $20 $X
Number of flies included. 16 4-6 16 8-12 X X
Number of fly patterns. 4 X 4 X 4 X
Customizable Box. Yes No Not Yet No No X
Expected fly quality. Best Better Best Good Good X
Decals included. Yes Yes Yes Yes Maybe X
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Bonus Gear. Yes Yes Yes Yes No X
Member Discount in online store. 20% 10% 20% 10% 15% X
Education and Information in each shipment. Best Better Best Better Good X
Free Shipping to Continental United States. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes X
Total Value in each box. $65 $35 $85 $80 Unstated X