Gift Guide

This time of the year can be hectic. We get it. That's why we took the time to do the research for you to find the most unique gifts for your favorite angler in your life. Take a look through our very last minute gift guide... there's still time to order in time for Christmas.

TrueFly Supply's Very Last Minute Gift Guide

Adam Ambro Design

If you're looking for a unique one of a kind gift, then look no further than Adam Ambro Design. Choosing to work with recycled newsprint as his medium, you are sure to find a piece that speaks to the adventurer in your life. 

Visit his store here!

Sight Line Provisions

Sight Line Provitions are not new to the great stocking stuffer game which is why year after year its hard to beat for a great gift idea. If you're truly looking for a unique accessory, take a look at their Artist Editions.

Fly Vines

As far as accessories go, Fly Vines is a very well known company for their upcycled fly line creations such as their ever popular Fly Vines bracelet. But, did you know they make other creations too? From Coasters, Key chains, and Lanyards, Fly Vines has a plethora of items to chose from.

Wingo Belts

If you're one of the many who have a pair of waders that only has one belt loop, you may have "misplaced" your wading belt just like me. Thats fine! Wingo Belts can help you out. They have a vast vareity of wading belts to chose from. Our favorite is the Brook Trout pattern.

Sweetwater Saddlery

Known for their custom gun holsters, Sweetwater Saddlery is doing something a little special this year. They are making custom fit hemo holsters. No more getting tangled up in your leash! A custom holster will set you back $60 which isnt too bad considering its a tailor fit to your favorite pair of hemostats! You can order one from their website contact form!

Full Moon Crafting

We don't see this being a big hit with the guys but the ladies will love it! We've looked at a few accecories in this guide so far but this one brings function to fashion. Each bangle acts as its own tippet spool. With a few of these, she can finally do away with that bothersome tippet T. Get them here at the Full Moon Crafting Etsy store.

Farm to Feet

Aside from falling in the water, cold feet are the fastest way to making fishing miserable. Especially in the winter. So for that hardcore year round angler, we recommend Farm to Feet socks. With roots in making some of the finest skiing footwear, these will surely combat the cold. Browse their store here.