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Caddis Lifecycle Collection
Caddis Lifecycle Collection

Caddis Lifecycle Collection

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For many fly anglers, the caddis represents a series of firsts. It's commonly the first dry fly we learn to tie and the first dry fly that gets us addicted to dry fly fishing. That being said, the caddis has a lifecycle that is well known to many fish and anglers alike. Our Caddis Lifecycle Collection will give you plenty of options to fish each stage of the caddis' lifecycle from nymph to the adult dry fly. 

Each collection of 48 flies comes in a silicone waterproof fly box.

Caddis Lifecycle

  • Green Rock Worm
  • Caddis Rock Roller
  • Caddis Pupa
  • Downed Caddis
  • Elk Hair Caddis
  • Stimulator