Mayfly Lifecycle Collection
Mayfly Lifecycle Collection

    Mayfly Lifecycle Collection


      The Lifecycle Collections are a must have for any angler. As we progress in fly fishing we become more concerned with behaviors of aquatic insects in order to truly understand the food of our chase. That's why we created these selections. This is the start to finish lifecycle imitations of these insects and they should be in every anglers fly box. Receive your collection in a premium silicone single sided case to grow your collection of flies in. 

      Each collection contains the following

      Premium Silicone Fly Box, Educational Card, 48 Flies from the lifecycle of your choosing.

        Mayfly Lifecycle

        • Hares Ear Nymph
        • Copper John
        • CDC Emerger
        • RS2
        • Pale Morning Dove
        • Blue Winged Olive
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