Fly Tying Kit - Brassie
Fly Tying Kit - Brassie

    Fly Tying Kit - Brassie

      Pattern: Brassie 


      The Brassie is a very quick and simple fly to tie that packs a big value to your fly box. What makes the brassie such a versatile fly is that it does a fantastic job at imitating both midge and caddis larvae.
      With the number of heavy materials that go into the fly, it also sinks like a rock quickly getting into the feeding zone of hungry fish.

      Included in the box:

      • Fly Tying Instructional Card
      • Premium full size Fly Tying Materials 
      • Hooks and Beads to tie 25 flies 
      • Sticker
      • **Bonus Mystery Tool**


       Materials List:

      Full-size material packs

      • Scud/Sedge Hook
      • Tungsten Bead
      • Black Thread
      • Peacock Herl
      • Copper Wire


       As an added bonus, check our youtube channel for instructional tying videos


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