Mystic Fly Rods Mystic M-SERIES SWITCH FLY ROD
Mystic Fly Rods Mystic M-SERIES SWITCH FLY ROD
Mystic Fly Rods Mystic M-SERIES SWITCH FLY ROD
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M-SERIES SWITCH ROD| If diversification is what you are looking for then it is a must for you to check out what a steelhead fly rod or trout switch rod can offer you. If you want to indicator fish with a long rod, swing wet flies or big articulating steelhead and salmon flies you can surely get it done with a M-Switch Rod by Mystic.

Mystic Switch fly rods are designed to load deep into the mid-section, but provide plenty of reserve power in the butt of the rod for fighting big fish (salmon, musky and steelhead). We have spent countless hours in the field testing these rods to ensure that tip vibration is controlled to a minimum to better guarantee maximum casting distance. Handcrafted using a proprietary carbon fiber along with reinforcement patches to reduce split ferrules.

Expand your fly fishing capabilities with a Mystic M-Series Switch rod. Using a double handed or switch rod is a fun and different way to fish, and will quickly become a favorite fly rod. Countless hours of design and field testing have gone into ensuring these two handed fly rods have the power to deliver maximum casting distances. As with everything else Mystic, expect value, performance, durability and eye-catching appearance with the mystic switch rod.


Imagine the confidence you will experience when you are working the waters with a trout switch rod or a steelhead fly rod that incorporates these features and capabilities:

  • Handcrafted in America
  • Incorporates a proprietary carbon fiber with reinforcement patches to reduce split ferrules
  • First class components throughout
  • Crisp, powerful and pleasingly simple in appearance
  • Titanium quad leg stripping guides
  • Premium grade custom handles
  • Light wire stainless snake guides
  • Alignment dots
  • 4 piece construction
  • Length of 11’3”, with the famous Mystic extra 3” for added shock absorption
  • Very light medium/fast action
  • Five models, m 3wt switch to m 8wt switch
  • Rivals any expensive high end steelhead fly rod or trout switch rod
  • Comes with a black Cordura tube with built in sock and o-ring to keep dampness out
  • Larger handles to facilitate switch rod casting
  • Incorporates a longer top handle with a smaller lower handle
  • Saltwater friendly
  • Superior quality reel seat with solid maple burl inlay

The Mystic work and design motto is “There is only perfect and wrong.” Count on Mystic switch rods as being the best in the industry.


All this Mystic dedication to producing the best switch rods possible means a superior fly fishing experience. Check out these benefits:

  • Long rod facilitates indicator fishing
  • Powerful enough to swing wet flies or big articulating salmon and steelhead flies
  • Designed to load deep in the mid-section, with reserve power in the butt to bring in larger steelhead, musky and salmon
  • Tip vibration is minimized to produce maximum casting distance
  • Double handle allows easy two handled change of direction roll casts, two hand overhead, and with the lightest rods, easy single hand overhead casts
  • Perfect for smaller fish and rivers, light breezes, low water, light presentations, small dries and light tippets
  • Highstick all day with comfort

There is no other rod like the M switch, whether you are looking for steelhead fly rods or a trout switch rod. The Mystic switch fly rod offers the best value and performance on the water!

M 3113-4 4 PIECE 3 11′ 3″ MEDIUM/FAST $499.00
M 4113-4 4 PIECE 4 11′ 3″ MEDIUM/FAST $499.00
M 5113-4 4 PIECE  5 11′ 3″ MEDIUM/FAST $499.00
M 7113-4 4 PIECE  7 11′ 3″ MEDIUM/FAST $499.00
M 8113-4 4 PIECE 8 11′ 3″ MEDIUM/FAST $499.00


All Mystic rods are covered by a lifetime warranty, for the original owner. This fishing rod lifetime warranty includes defects caused by craftsmanship or faulty materials for the life of the rod below. All Mystic rods that are sold must be registered in order to file a claim.