Terrestrial Collection
Terrestrial Collection

    Terrestrial Collection


      Hopper Dropper, Hopper Hopper, Hopper Dropper Dropper all of these have one thing in common, Foam. One of the favorite things about terrestrials that anglers love is that they float like a cork. This is why they are often the leader in suspended fishing rigs and even go as far as doubling as a strike indicator that has the potential to catch fish! Our Terrestrial Collection will stuff your fly box full of big foamy critters to choose from.

      Each collection of 48 flies comes in a silicone waterproof fly box.

        Terrestrial Collection

        • Chubby Chernobyl -Royal 
        • Dave's Foam Hopper 
        • Foam Beattle
        • Foam Ant
        • Hippie Stomper-Red
        • Parachute Ant
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