Just Add Water Trout Kit
Just Add Water Trout Kit
Just Add Water Trout Kit

    Just Add Water Trout Kit


      We have assembled everything you need to just get started in fly fishing or to upgrade from the vintage equipment you found laying around.  This Package is tailored to trout fishing with the correct weight Rod Reel and line for most trout waters. 


      The Kit includes 

      • Graphite 4wt 9ft rod 

        • Medium-fast action
        • 100% IM10 / 40T Graphite carbon fiber
        • AAA/3A+ grade cork grip
        • Cordura rod tube, cloth rod sock
      • Cheeky PreLoad 300 Fly Reel 

        • Loaded with 4wt floating line
        • 20 lb backing
        • Tapered leader 
        • S Power Drag system 
        • Silent retrieve
        • Lightweight 4.4 oz design 
        • Ships left-hand retrieve (easy to convert to right-hand)
        • Reel case, backing, fly line, and leader included
      • Streamside tools and accessories 

        • TFS Fly Floatant
        • Split-shot weights
        • TFS Fly box
        • Thrift Shop Box -Trout (not pictured)
        • Zinger
        • Strike indicators
        • Tapered leader
        • TFS Face Shield
        • Nippers
        • Rising 6" pliers
        • Fly Trap Holder
        • Beer Koozie
        • Sticker pack


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