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Winter Fly Selection and Rig Set-up

The TrueFly Supply Guides cover winter fly fishing tactics, including where the fish hold during the winter, fly selection, and tips and tricks on rigging you winter nymphing rod.

Fly Selection! Who, What, When, Why, Where!

Why? Great question, right? The question of "why" can be applied to SO many aspects of fly selection.  There are tons of different fly patterns out...

Fly Selection! My Struggle and Solution!

Sixteen years ago I picked up my first trout fly rod and tried to cast it.  I was terrible!  However, I was recently engaged and my future wife's G...

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Is the best time to be tossing big streamers for big browns.

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Trout are the most saught after species on the the fly. After all most North American cold water fisheries are capable of holding trout. Subscribe to receive guide selected flies each month directly to your doorstep.

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